Elizabeth Neff

Please meet this beautiful lady! She has served on multiple committees throughout the years, but is most currently involved with our UMWomen group and is part of the Church Revitalization team.

I began attending Mt Tabor UMC in 2005.  I transferred my membership from Otterbein UMC when I married my husband, Bill because this is his home church.  I was welcomed into the congregation and have enjoyed attending church functions as a family with my husband.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?

When I became “the new crayon in the box” as a new member of Mt Tabor, I hope that everyone realized that my color was sunshine yellow. 

If you found yourself on a deserted island and food / shelter were taken care of, what three things would you want with you and why?

If I found myself on a deserted island I would love to have with me (1) my family ( IF it is a large enough island so we can separate when necessary!), an unlimited supply of books of all kinds, and WiFi to keep in touch with our world, our church, and entertainment.

My “coming to Christ moment / story” is:

I was born into a loving, Christian family and have always know that Christ is my Lord.  I have never doubted that or rebelled against “religion” as others have.  The legacy that my ancestors left me is a Love for God, a Love of Family, and a Stewardship of the Earth.  I strive to honor that Legacy every day.

A part of my life that has been redeemed: 

My life was redeemed the day my pastor encouraged me to realize that I was worthy of a loving marriage, found that loving husband I had always wished for, and now am able to express that same love more fully throughout the other areas of my life.